1. Talk One – God Is A Spirit
  2. Talk Two – Victory Over Self
Talks & Discussions
a. Identifying & Operating a Profitable Retail Business.
b. Preservation of Agricultural Produce.
c. Small Scale Vegetable Farming.
d. The ABC of Personal % Family Security.
Evening Session
1.Talk One – Songs of Joy
2.Special Prayers 1 – All Powers Belong To Jesus
3.Talk Two – Victory Over Sicknesses And Diseases.
Talk & Prayers – Victorious Faith
Talks & Discussions
a) Managing Family Finances in a Depressed Economy
b) The Importance of Innovation in Growing a Business
c) Security for Vulnerable Persons
d) The Pitfalls on the Journey to Marriage
e) Special Talk (Ministers only)
Evening Sessions
1. Special Prayers One – Prayers for the Education Sector
2. Talk One – The Great Restorer 
3. Special Prayers Two – The Singles, the Widows & the Apparent Barren
4.Talk Two – Free Indeed
1. Talk & Prayers – Peace Be Still
Talks & Discussions 
a) Prevention & Management Stress
b) Affordable Diet for Good Health
c) Exploring New Business Opportunities in Info Tech (IT)
d) Opportunities for Home Ownership
e) Special Talk: (Ministers Only)
Evening Session
1. Special Talk and Prayers One – “Family”
2. Special Talk and Prayers Two – “The Church is Marching On”
3. Special Talk and Prayers Three – “The Youth - The David Generation”
4. Talk One – Power Passes Power
5. Talk Two – Victorious Prayers

1. Talk & Prayers – The Journey To Breakthroughs

Evening Session
1. Talk One & Prayers – The Lord of Hosts
2. Special Prayers Two – “The Nation”
3. Talk Two & Prayers – Victims and Victors
4. Talk Three & Prayers – Songs of Victory
5. Testimonies and Thankgiving
1. Talk & Prayers –The Sacrifice Of Praise 
Talks & Discussions
a) Victory Over Lack
b) Victorious Hope
c) All Will Be Well
d) Divine Champions
e) More Than Conquerors
Evening Session
1. Talk One and Prayers – Anointing For Victory