Special Praise Session 1
        Talk One – The Garment of Praise
Talks & Discussions
a) Opportunities in the Bakery Industry
b) Sourcing Money for Business Start-up
c) The Risk of Social Media to Personal Security
d) Opportunities in Goat Farming
Evening Session
Youth Zonal Presentation 1
Youth Zonal Presentation 2
Youth Zonal Presentation 3
Youth Zonal Presentation 4

Talk One – The Power of Testimonies

Talk & Prayers – God Rewards the Diligent
Talks & Discussions
a) Practical Guide to Earning Multiple incomes
b) Exploring Options for Self Employment
c) Enhancing Corporate Security Through Technology
d) Building on the foundation for A Lasting Marriage
e) Special Talk (Ministers Only)
Evening Sessions
1. Special Prayers One – Prayers for the Education Sector
2. Talk One – All Things Become New
3. Special Prayers Two – The Singles, the Widows & the Apparent Barren
4.Talk Two – The Power of Inspiration
1. Talk & Prayers – Divine Intimacy
Talks & Discussions 
a) Eye Care
b) Diets for Healthy Lifestyles
c) Digital Marketing for Business & the Gospel
d) Tips for Physical Fitness
e) Special Talk (Ministers only)
Evening Session
1. Special Talk and Prayers One – “Family”
2. Special Talk and Prayers Two – “The Church”
3. Special Talk and Prayers Three – “Evangelism”
4. Talk One – The Role of Vision
5. Talk Two – The Role of Faith
6. Talk Three – Desperate Prayers

1. Talk & Prayers – Divine Favour

Evening Session
1. Talk One & Prayers – The Set Time
2. Special Prayers Two – “The Nation”
3. Talk Two & Prayers – Come to me All That Labour
4. Talk Three & Prayers – The Great Turnaround
5. Testimonies and Thanksgiving
1. Talk & Prayers –Worthy in Spirit and Truth
Talks & Discussions
a) In Tune with God
b) Take Out the Little Foxes
c) Trust and Obey
d) Be Ye Holy
e) Prevailing Prayers
Evening Session
1. Talk One and Prayer – Anointing for Permanent Turnaround