The 2016 Holy Ghost Congress is here. Do you have testimonies that you want to share with fellow Brethren either from this ongoing Holy Ghost Congress “Total Restoration”,past congresses, Conventions, Special Holy Ghost Services, the monthly Holy Ghost Service or anything good the Lord has done in your life.
Then drop it below and encourage others with what the Lord has done for you.
Remember it is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvelous in our sight.
Let me hear you shout Hallelujah….

  • Abiola Ojumu

    Please help me share my testimony with God’s children during the congress.

    My name is Abiola Ojumu. I attend RCCG Christ Chapel in FCT Province 7. I thank God for saving my soul and for all the fringe benefits of salvation I have received. Between March and December of 2015 I was experiencing a very sharp debilitating pain in my stomach which prevented me from doing anything once it started and was so painful I required hospital admission on at least 3 occasions. Specialist doctors in Abuja diagnosed me of gall bladder disease and I was scheduled for surgery in November 2015 but due to a disagreement between with my insurance provider and the hospital, the surgery was rescheduled for January 2016. I had met with the surgical team and was getting ready for surgery. During Day 2 of last year’s congress- Floodgates of Healing my family and I were watching via television in Abuja and prayed for my healing. That night as I slept I had a dream and in it there were 3 doctors performing a surgery on my abdomen. I woke up from that dream healed by God! I have been pain free since then, the planned surgery was cancelled and I have been fine since. Praise the Ever faithful, Living God!!!!!

  • Eson Teetito

    Praise the Lord. I want to thank God for the salvation of my soul. During the message of last night, Daddy said that God will give us a 24 hour miracle. I want to thank God for He blessed us with a brand new car within the 24 hours which we didn’t pay for. I also want to thank God for my daughter also completed her master’s program today. Hallelujah!!!

  • Ikechukwu Ihemelandu

    I want to thank God for answered prayer at the last holy ghost congress, Daddy GO prophesied that those that have been stagnated in their place of work without promotion that this year the flood gates of heaven shall be opened for their sake. I thank God that after over 8 years of being in one position, God finally opened the flood gates and i got promoted in site of the prevailing harsh economics situation in the country.